Some National Post Columns by Robert Fulford

Subject Date
Critiquing the critics 26 July 2016
How can we be 'balanced'? 23 July 2016
Degenerate appeal; How a high level of script, production and performance combine to make Ray Donovan more than just another anti-hero tale 19 July 2016
Another new view; The evolving perspective of Diane Arbus 12 July 2016
The coffee houses of Europe 9 July 2016
Resurrection lit; Bob Rodgers brings Canadian icons to life on the page 28 June 2016
In your dreams; Museum Fantasies 21 June 2016
Tears, fears and listings 18 June 2016
Readers wanted; An early introduction to books is one way to develop a lifetime of appreciation for the printed page 14 June 2016
Hope for the Arab world? 11 June 2016
The future of the book; Can literature survive the shift to digital culture? 7 June 2016
An incoherent campaign 4 June 2016
A Warlord of Art; Why the grandeur of Orson Welles could not exist without his many difficulties 31 May 2016
Our stories, untold 28 May 2016
Finding Renaissance; Rare antiquities looted during Second World War discovered in Moscow 25 May 2016
Mao's war on China 21 May 2016
Why does Heidegger remain revered? 17 May 2016
'Lions mate with lions'; Life with Picasso 10 May 2016
Understanding the bomber 7 May 2016
An artistic undertaking; What happens when high art meets hard labour? 3 May 2016
The insecure man of Europe 30 April 2016
Unlike father, like son; Klaus Mann 26 April 2016
Where ISIL came from 23 April 2016
Flash and filigree; Terry Southern 19 April 2016
Rise of the anti-BDS movement 16 April 2016
Picture Perfect; August Sander's photographs depict a stark realism 12 April 2016
The fastest move in history 9 April 2016
The artistry of structure; The great age of archeology 5 April 2016
Europe's black hole 2 April 2016
Hitler's Speer conned them all; 'The Nazi who said sorry' 29 March 2016
Terror as a fact of life 26 March 2016
Tragedy in blue; The eternal romance of the doomed jazz musician 22 March 2016
Israel -- the Mideast's only saviour 19 March 2016
The shifting sands of history; Just as the words we use to describe our past change, so to does our understanding 15 March 2016
History revised; Stalinism exposed 8 March 2016
The slaves of today 5 March 2016
Culture congruity; Donald Richie 1 March 2016
Mentors and proteges; A manner of being 23 February 2016
The medium and the recurring message 20 February 2016
Humanity in city planning; Jane Jacobs 17 February 2016
First World blessings of information overload 13 February 2016
We all want to change the world; The dramatic life and times of Leon Trotsky 9 February 2016
Sunbelt Baroque; How John D. MacDonald invented a subgenre that's no longer his own 2 February 2016
An intimate biography; Iris Murdoch 26 January 2016
How can we stand aside? 23 January 2016
Rigid turns of phrase; obscure words 19 January 2016
Battle of words; Literary rivalries 13 January 2016
Freedom was the song he sang 11 January 2016
Malaysia: a hotbed of anti-Semitism 2 January 2016
Nourishing displays on screen; Three actors who gave us privilege of watching them this year 30 December 2015
More than mere apologetics; How C.S. Lewis made Christianity seem like common sense 22 December 2015
Country for sale; Canadian Pacific 15 December 2015
Blame the West 12 December 2015
'A chronic nomad'; Joseph Roth 8 December 2015
The myth of the Hollywood Ten 5 December 2015
Stop all the clocks; How W.H. Auden wrote prose to earn a living, and poetry to live his life 1 December 2015
Happiness is a vague study 28 November 2015
Dr. Clemens & Mr. Twain; The autobiography of America's greatest humorist is more for reference than reading 24 November 2015
ISIL's aims and appeals 21 November 2015
The reluctant immigrant; Brooklyn 17 November 2015
Britain's choice 14 November 2015
It's been surreal; Finding a new perspective on a modern art movement that's too often dismissed 10 November 2015
The Facebook Intifada 7 November 2015
A gift to behold; J.M.W. Turner 3 November 2015
Overcoming humanity; Primo Levi's achievement 27 October 2015
The media push the message; And the message is violence 24 October 2015
A woman for all seasons; Patti Smith's absorbing and personal M Train 20 October 2015
Not as fragile as we thought 17 October 2015
The romantic tradition of Esquire; 1,000 issues 13 October 2015
Turkey vs. Journalism 10 October 2015
To blurb or not to blurb; A community divided 6 October 2015
The destroyers of history 3 October 2015
Legal eagles; How the BBC's Silk became a highlight of recent TV history 29 September 2015
The recipe for genocide 26 September 2015
Historic passion; A much-admired historian takes as much interest in sources as the stories she shares 22 September 2015
Republicans vs. Republicans 19 September 2015
Literary absurdity; The work of Edward St. Aubyn 15 September 2015
Cultural madman; For Richard B. Wright, writing didn't get easier, it got better 8 September 2015
Fiscal fever 5 September 2015
Disney furled; 'No praise unspoken' 1 September 2015
An evil we have not yet begun to comprehend 29 August 2015
Put the 'kibosh' on 'looky-loo'; In order for language to live, some words have to die, and that's OK 25 August 2015
Rodin love; Exhibition reveals new side of artist 18 August 2015
The replacements; Art forger earned $6 million over two years 11 August 2015
Angry Tom's soothing bromides 8 August 2015
Life during death; The last words of Clive James keep lasting 4 August 2015
Target: Jordan 1 August 2015
Point form; The original pixel inventor gets his due praise 28 July 2015
The conversation that started the Cold War 25 July 2015
A life well-lived; The uniqueness of Oliver Sacks 21 July 2015
The topicality of the list; How these records and tabulations are the 'origins of culture' 1 December 2009
This is your brain on capitalism 28 November 2009
Law & marriage; The Good Wife amends the Spitzer case to make great television 24 November 2009
Canada's angriest 'moderate'; Mansur has no time for genteel politics. He feels it's his duty to name names 21 November 2009
Snide and prejudice; Jane Austen: moralist or vicious gossip? 17 November 2009
'A cult of misery and death' 14 November 2009
The geniuses who created Stratford 10 October 2009
The purpose driven life; Ayn Rand's story gets two new tellings 10 November 2009
Communism's great con game; The truth would set them free, and it finally did 7 November 2009
A playlist of our times; How podcasts aid those in search of deep discussion 3 November 2009
The Jewish James Bond 31 October 2009
A bird of many colours; Canada has never produced a talent quite like Robert Lepage 27 October 2009
500 channels of heartbreak 24 October 2009
The teenage-ification of manhood 17 October 2009
Thief lives in thrall to books; Dream of great personal library fuels mania 13 October 2009
The fool on the pedestal; Trafalgar's plinth an ambitious and messy experiment in popular art 6 October 2009
How crazy is he? 3 October 2009
The Original Starchitect; Many of the city's landmarks came to be because John M. Lyle seized an opportunity 30 May 2009
Viewing a TV death in four acts; The end is near, and it's quite clear to see why 26 May 2009
Degeneration in all but reputation; Why do we habitually and foolishly believe whatever the UN tells us? 23 May 2009
Nothing shy about this guy; Sherman Alexie likes to challenge image of Indians 19 May 2009
Taking tolerance too far 16 May 2009
You'll want to dilly Dali; The AGO's Surreal Things is captivating 12 May 2009
Cleverness and cruelty; Christopher Buckley's parents were brilliant and glittering--but often drunken and distant 9 May 2009
Dr. Seuss meets Charles Darwin; Evolutionary history's rhyme and reason 5 May 2009
Newspapers And Me: A Brief History 2 May 2009
Finding kitsch's inner beauty; Garden gnomes and Elvis busts be damned! 28 April 2009
Best Buddies; For half a century, Canadian prime ministers have cozied up to Fidel--mostly (but not exclusively) to annoy Washington 25 April 2009
Shaking the family tree for Liberals 21 April 2009
Our friends, the ants; A salute to everybody's favourite six-legged picnic crashers 21 April 2009
A museum director fights back; The best place for 'looted' artifacts? Right where they are 18 April 2009
Building film's frame; Mack Sennett set the foundation for Hollywood 14 April 2009
The darkest brand of 'honour' 11 April 2009
A rational film board; The NFB's forays into new media show how a cultural institution can remain relevant at the age of 70 7 April 2009
Meet Robert Fulford 2.0 4 April 2009
A home where the buffalo jumped; Why just hunt your food when you can smash its head in? 31 March 2009
Things (still) fall apart 28 March 2009
Trying to be Zen about Life's fate; An uncertain future awaits this fine procedural 24 March 2009
What we don't know can't hurt us; Our museums depend on incomplete expertise 17 March 2009
Blaming 'the Israel Lobby' 14 March 2009
Mr. Nice Eye; David Hockney's amiable personality coexists with a highly developed sense of visual sophistication 10 March 2009
Islam and the sacred word; In the year 1000, the Islamic world was far superior to Europe in science and the arts. What happened? 7 March 2009
Down & out on the language of London; Were Orwell's views on English clouded by class prejudice? 3 March 2009
Smart people behaving badly; A new memoir details the sexual impropriety of a literary couple 24 February 2009
Lessons learned, history remade; Pre-Raphaelites sought to clean up the art world 17 February 2009
The future of the newspaper 14 February 2009
Evolution 2.0: From Darwin to dot-com 9 February 2009
Closing down the Daschle racket 7 February 2009
One man's character is another's disorder 3 February 2009
How France sold its soul 31 January 2009
A rich run remembered; John Updike was an ingenious novelist, an impressive poet, a brilliant reviewer, a talented sports writer, a persuasive art critic and much more 28 January 2009
This American treasure; Ira Glass's show on NPR has reinvented radio 27 January 2009
York's enemies of higher education 24 January 2009
She speaks in the language of history; A poet finds the right words for an unprecedented inauguration 20 January 2009
A sense of 'proportion' 17 January 2009
Why is it that dark ages so well?; A new history of the colour black spares no detail 13 January 2009
Growing up with Emily Post 10 January 2009
There's power in the here and now; Eckhart Tolle strives to create a new world 6 January 2009
Israel vs. Hamas: Civilization vs. terror 3 January 2009
Showing off the life of the mind; Denis Dutton sketches out our innate artistry 30 December 2008
Ponzi would have been proud 27 December 2008
Father Christmas; How Charles Dickens almost single-handedly created our sense of what makes the season 23 December 2008
Because I'm a Kennedy. That's why 20 December 2008
First he swashed, then he buckled; A new book recalls Douglas Fairbanks's glory days before the silent-film star fell victim to cinema's sound revolution 16 December 2008
Can he rise above his own party? 13 December 2008
Human history at face value; New Renaissance portrait exhibit gives inspiration 9 December 2008
The normalization of separatism 6 December 2008
Who's ever heard Virginia Woolf?; New compilation highlights dead British writers 2 December 2008
A great era for America-haters 29 November 2008
A lost art oasis in Northern Ontario; Joe Hirshhorn's vision for a town that never was 25 November 2008
The rule of 10,000; ...and other secrets of success from Malcolm Gladwell 22 November 2008
They played us!; How pulp fiction hacks invented noir and changed popular culture 18 November 2008
Over the top; MSNBC is liberal and Fox is conservative--if you define liberal and conservative as differing versions of bigoted ranting from doggedly established positions 15 November 2008
If you're happy, you don't know it; Mike Leigh on the study of hedonics 11 November 2008
Forget Citizen Kane 8 November 2008
Frank'd!; With His AGO Revamp, Gehry Proves That He Is Both Architect And Artist 8 November 2008
A divide has been crossed 5 November 2008
Love's labour not lost; Art Spiegelman revisits his past in new Breakdowns 4 November 2008
The Hypocrisy Of Government Gambling; Government's addiction to gaming revenue is fueling the spread of a destructive disease 1 November 2008
Out with the old; Don't like what you see? Time for rebranding! 28 October 2008
Making history, one page at a time 27 October 2008
The rise of the basement boys 25 October 2008
A love less ordinary; The secret affairs of a Canadian diplomat yield an unexpected poetry 21 October 2008
Ralston Saul's imagined country 18 October 2008
Poisoned by his own lack of passion; Harper has sounded more like a man seeking office than holding it 15 October 2008
Special relativity; The Big Bang Theory is full of social silliness 14 October 2008
A tyrant's private library 11 October 2008
Look on these works, ye mighty; But don't despair, for archaeology still yields riches 7 October 2008
The weirdest country in Europe 4 October 2008
Little art scene on the prairie; Art journal Border Crossings finally looks at its Winnipeg home 16 September 2008
Memories gone Judenrein 13 September 2008
Always settle scores at noon; And other lessons learned at the movies 9 September 2008
Election to nowhere 6 September 2008
An angry artist's 'gorilla within'; The victims in John Bratby's life included the painter himself 2 September 2008
Labour movement recedes into history; Mediocrities soon take over 30 August 2008
The tyranny of stereotype 30 August 2008
The tragic tale of Caesar; A rewriting of history can make any man noble 26 August 2008
The meaning of a gesture 23 August 2008
Going back for Baltimore; Now that the final season of The Wire is on DVD, the rest of us can marvel at its complexity 19 August 2008
The private lives of exhibitionists 16 August 2008
Facial Frontier; The human face can reveal much about a person-- whether they like it or not 12 August 2008
War Without End 9 August 2008
Once, the bravest man in the world 5 August 2008
The perils of boredom; 5 August 2008
It's all Greek to everyone 2 August 2008
He's as Gonzo as we want him to be; Another gloss on Hunter S. Thompson's life 29 July 2008
Not quite the end of history 26 July 2008
Slippery slopes of satiric squibs; Figuring what's funny can be a tough business 22 July 2008
Establishment man 19 July 2008
Pauline Kael & trash cinema; Will Smith's films are the endgame of a critic's take on Bonnie and Clyde 15 July 2008
China's memory keeper 12 July 2008
Eureka! on the printed page; Richard Dawkins' editorship brings a brilliant Oxford anthology to life 8 July 2008
Islam's original feminist; A century after his death, Qasim Amin remains a man ahead of his time 5 July 2008
Hook, line & sinker; Pre-Internet, most of us seldom met a con man. In the age of e-mail, we hear from them several times a day 17 May 2008
One tough egg in a soft-boiled world; Howard Engel's Benny is back, and so is the author 13 May 2008
The Jewish state, by the numbers 10 May 2008
A family tree of despair; Writer's history of her parents' Nazism is chilling 6 May 2008
This is why we hate unions 3 May 2008
Bitter Fred turned red; Lazy communism and E.P. Taylor's little brother 29 April 2008
In their own fanatical words 26 April 2008
Art in an age of egoists; Even drugged-out failures can get a retrospective 22 April 2008
The martyrdom of Stéphane Dion 19 April 2008
Rising from the inkwell of history; Palladio inspired 500 years of careful imitation 15 April 2008
Biting the (invisible) hand that feeds us 12 April 2008
Bassist's pictures are worth 1,000 gigs; Milt Hinton's other art form tells a story of American music 8 April 2008
Thinking about fundamentalism 5 April 2008
Making it while they're faking it; Why unnecessary lies are the most fascinating kind 1 April 2008
1968 - The Bogus Revolution 29 March 2008
What divides us makes us Hegel; Book re-examines the philosophical basis of a nation 25 March 2008
Root against the home team 22 March 2008
They don't get much cooler; Why Obama is the perfect McLuhan proxy 18 March 2008
What happened to the revolution?; Vietnam is getting rich. For Tom Hayden and other 1960s-era Marxists, that's bad news 15 March 2008
A one-man anthology of sin 13 March 2008
Darwin Dumbed Down; The Royal Ontario Museum's new exhibition does a disservice to the man and his work 11 March 2008
Full-throated partisanship from a demi-intellectual 8 March 2008
Life lessons from a turtle; What Aesop's fables teach us about ourselves 4 March 2008
The dictatorship myth; Mussolini never actually did make the trains run on time. Nor did the Taliban provide Afghanistan with anything approaching stability or security 1 March 2008
Best in the West; The Englishman's Boy is an excellent Canadian novel that has now become an excellent TV drama 26 February 2008
Ms. doesn't disappoint the left 23 February 2008
The revolution will not be criticized; Cuba's current regime gets a free ride in Montreal art exhibition 19 February 2008
Preaching the dogma of dependency 16 February 2008
Scholar was a Group of One; Robert Stacey's love of Canadian art was unique 12 February 2008
Return To The Victory Burlesk; Recalling the day Justa Dream's pasty fell off 11 February 2008
The art of avoidance 9 February 2008
Shock and flaws; Will ECT therapy ever recover from its treatment by Hollywood? 5 February 2008
A portrait of globalization; A brilliant new book traces the 17th-century origins of our modern economy through the brushstrokes of Johannes Vermeer 2 February 2008
The best friend the Canadian short story ever had 29 January 2008
Artful Codgers; How a high-school dropout and his elderly parents fooled the world 29 January 2008
The Democrats' Trudeau? 26 January 2008
The great big police procedural in the sky; How should we grieve the death of a beloved TV character? 22 January 2008
The myth of the Russian soul; 'Reading Nabokov's books, Khrushcheva felt like a Nabokov character: a Russian learning to be an individual' 19 January 2008
Tell me how you love me; Passionate prose about a topic close to heart 15 January 2008
Different show, same message; The Border retreads the CBC's favourite theme:We're better than Americans 12 January 2008
The myth of sexy prunes; Vance Packard and the evils of Freudian-based advertising 8 January 2008
Blacking out the past; Under the reign of terror imposed by Soviet communists, ordinary citizens could trust no one--even their own families 5 January 2008
How about my footprint on your magniloquent rear?; 2007's big word was yet another waste of breath 31 December 2007
Primary lessons 29 December 2007
The Light fantastic; Loved but neglected painting of Jesus became a touchstone of mass culture 24 December 2007
My church: the mind's 'theatre of simultaneous possibilities' 22 December 2007
With this ring I do thee confuse; William Trevor and the emotional uncertainty of love and marriage 18 December 2007
You are what you do. (So choose carefully) 15 December 2007
A tittle tattle most foul; Agatha Christie was a woman who knew how to take her revenge 11 December 2007
6 1/2 YEARS; Enemies need charming, too; Magnate undone by poor PR skills 11 December 2007
How are we sorry? Let us count the ways 8 December 2007
In Oprah & Streisand we trust; If celebrities can tell us what books we should read, why shouldn't they tell us who will make the best president of the United States? 4 December 2007
Torqued Intelligence 1 December 2007
You look terrific today, readers; And you just proved how well flattery works 27 November 2007
Into the heart of political correctness 24 November 2007
Calm among the chaos; Edward Hopper's paintings excel at composition 20 November 2007
Reviving Victorian values 17 November 2007
Better stones and gardens; Henry Moore's sculpture gets the outdoor showing it deserves 13 November 2007
The failed career of Norman Mailer 12 November 2007
The Afghanistan war is just 10 November 2007
Prude awakening; A new London show takes a refreshing look at sex in art, but doesn't do away with the fig leaf entirely 6 November 2007
Smart politicians hire ghosts 3 November 2007
Living by the remorse code; Graham Greene let guilt guide him in life and in literature 23 October 2007
Creativity begins with discipline 17 October 2007
Art for nobody's sake; The peculiar family saga of Canadian painter Max Maynard 16 October 2007
Lex Luthor hearts Superman: Your tax dollars at work 13 October 2007
Youth is pasted on the young; The 'teen' wasn't always a product of marketing 9 October 2007
A cloud behind every silver lining 6 October 2007
To the turnstiles!; Introducing our new crusade to cut admission fees at our national gems 2 October 2007
Why Tory screwed up 29 September 2007
Finally making Stein readable; Book gives clarity to U.S. writer's life and work 25 September 2007
The last words of a toxic intellectual 22 September 2007
This Horseman holds a mirror; There's much of Mordecai Richler in his fiction 18 September 2007
Feminists fall silent 15 September 2007
A friend to Hezbollah, an enemy of logic 14 September 2007
Mulroney still waiting for credit; But Canadians won't give it to him 11 September 2007
Uniting Hendrix, Rimbaud and the sari; David Davidar's new novel charts a course from India to Canada 11 September 2007
Piecing together a royal bag lady; Louise Nevelson brought a grand vision to the world of sculpture 4 September 2007
The man who would kill separatism 4 September 2007
Civilizing barbarism 1 September 2007
'We think with the objects we love'; People attach deep meaning to things they own 28 August 2007
Modernism isn't written in stone 25 August 2007
And they talked in speech bubbles; Canada's comic arts elite gather at Toronto fest 21 August 2007
A family of Nazis 18 August 2007
Inside the cluttered mind of a genius; Robert Frost's musings are both insightful, insane 14 August 2007
Iran's war on its own 11 August 2007
Sincere ties that bind; Mad Men tackles the world of atomic age advertising 7 August 2007
A psychoanalyst for his age (but not ours) 4 August 2007
A life spent chipping the Wall; Ulrich Muhe was a vocal opponent of East Germany 31 July 2007
A continuing nightmare 28 July 2007
Wasting time is good for your soul; Distractions can help productivity and happiness 24 July 2007
A dark prince's lonely world 21 July 2007
Intimate oppression; In her new book, Jill Fields shows how women's undergarments can be more tyrannical than titillating 17 July 2007
How the CIA lost its way 14 July 2007
An empire who could dance; 'Honest Ed' Mirvish, the original discount merchant and theatre revivalist, dies at 92 12 July 2007
To keep supping with the Devil; There seems to be no end of sympathy for the evil one 10 July 2007
The People's Republic of Silence 7 July 2007
Pretty facades still need substance; Without good art, a museum is just a building 3 July 2007
Fatah hasn't the will to win 30 June 2007
A buffet sure to leave you hungry; Arts & Letters Daily delivers best ideas at high speeds 26 June 2007
New York isn't presidential country 23 June 2007
Where the Bears don't fear to tread; Tracking the pawprints of a gay subculture 19 June 2007
A continent under siege; After decades of bad immigration policy, can the Europe we know be saved? 16 June 2007
The eternal stain of cribbing; Plagiarism is hard to get away with, yet easy to do 12 June 2007
This is why people hate Toronto; No, not the new ROM - but the pretentious, self-parodic ceremony that launched it 9 June 2007
The big slosh: Guzzling neo-noir; Irish author Ken Bruen is redefining hard-boiled 5 June 2007
'I am special, I am special. Look at me' 2 June 2007
L.A.'s wartime German invasion; Elite emigres formed talented, troubled group 29 May 2007
The lustration of Ryszard Kapuscinski 26 May 2007
It's all about who it's not about; The roman a clef is more insulting than flattering 22 May 2007
Moscow's Mid-East gamble 19 May 2007
A loss of language and the language of loss; The poetics of Alzheimer's 15 May 2007
Laughter is not the Arab way 12 May 2007
How do we live in the now?; Trying to define the tenor of modern design 8 May 2007
Who wouldn't vote for this guy? 5 May 2007
Arguing about architecture; Nathan Glazer on Modernist buildings and their discontents 1 May 2007
Game theory's master March 11, 2006
Tom Hodgson's abstract objective: Portrait of the late artist as a young man who wanted to change how we saw March 7, 2006
Creative conspiracies March 4, 2006
Erudition, knavery & tupperware: A new book on cunning hails the attribute as our greatest means of self-preservation, a starting point for human ingenuity and a very useful tool for selling plastic food containers February 28, 2006
Democracy takes a hit February 25, 2006
Keeping an eye on freaks and geeks: Digital cable is a welcome window on the outer limits of television February 21, 2006
Blasphemy has set us free February 18, 2006
Russia's wonderful legacy of corruption: Gogol's classic The Inspector General remains relevant after 170 years February 14, 2006
Saving Muslims from Islamists February 11, 2006
From the front lines of the absurd: Albert Camus' war reporting laid the groundwork for his later philosophy February 7, 2006
You didn't hear it from me February 4, 2006
Straying from the usual script: Screenwriters are finally becoming a valued commodity in Hollywood January 31, 2006
Ottawa isn't kind to premiers January 28, 2006
Spoiling the taste of Turkish delights: Orhan Pamuk faces persecution for speaking plainly about his homeland January 24, 2006
Harper's new beginning: They must restore the people's faith in the government and create a new tone of civility January 24, 2006
Look who's blundering now January 21, 2006
When Canada sought its place in the world: NFB memoir recalls a country with a great global purpose January 17, 2006
A nightmarish moment January 14, 2006
His life was as noir as his films: Actor Peter Lorre lived the turbulent plots of his movies January 10, 2006
Blurring political categories January 7, 2006
Not just a lover, but a writer: Casanova deserves a better legacy than he has been given January 3, 2006
Do not disturb December 31, 2005
Coming down firmly on both sides: Steven Spielberg's Munich refuses to be bound by the rigours of truth December 27, 2005
City of light: Toronto is fervently remaking itself into a vessel of innovation & culture December 24, 2005
Christmas confessions of an unbeliever December 24, 2005
ROM with a view: With the opening of its newest galleries, the Royal Ontario Museum hopes to shed some light on both its collections and its own history December 20, 2005
Canada's emotional necessity December 17, 2005
Life through his eyes: Photo blogger Sam Javanrouh marvels in minutiae December 13, 2005
'Re-educating' Tibet December 10, 2005
Creation myths of the fourth estate: Hollywood finds melodrama in journalistic integrity December 6, 2005
One Scream, twice stolen: The artist behind the painting has his own chilling story November 29, 2005
The frivolity of evil November 26, 2005
The Deutsch: my kind of volk: A new Web service brings the best of German ideas to auslander inboxes November 22, 2005
Mark Steyn, opinionmonger November 19, 2005
Anti-Americanism, bred in the bone November 17, 2005
In the shadow of greatness: Play depicts Welles, Olivier facing the terror of theatrical accomplishment November 15, 2005
A torpedo in a three-piece suit November 11, 2005
Not a day over 500: Hans Memling's portraits make 1465 look like yesterday November 8, 2005
Is Maureen Dowd necessary? November 5, 2005
No more boobs on the tube: The gumshoe has given way to PhDs and quirky, brooding geniuses November 1, 2005
Hollywood's false martyrs October 29, 2005
Memoirs of a gossipy egotist: From beyond the grave, Nobel Prize winner Elias Canetti smears reputations October 25, 2005
The socialism of fools October 22, 2005
So long, Saturday Night, for now: It has not made money since '48, but magazine has perfected Lazarus act October 21, 2005
The original man of mystery: Sherlock Holmes author returns to popular literature October 18, 2005
The two Harold Pinters October 17, 2005
Rewriting history (literally) October 15, 2005
12 angry men and 13 whiny ones: A book of 25 essays shows guys in 2005 love to complain October 11, 2005
Why are aliens so boring? October 8, 2005
The Great one: AGO's Catherine exhibition gives a shout out to vanity October 4, 2005
Canada's urban gold rush October 1, 2005
An obnoxious look at China October 1, 2005
The truth about sex slavery September 28, 2005
Sorry, case clothed: Russell Smith's style rulings are the law because he says so September 27, 2005
The values battle September 24, 2005
50 years after Lolita September 20, 2005
Stalin's grand delusion September 17, 2005
Documenting a feat of monumental destruction September 13, 2005
Learning to bear the unbearable September 10, 2005
Public tragedy, private pain: In a sea of powerful images, where do we find catharsis? September 6, 2005
Where's the CBC vision? September 3, 2005
A city built on mud and optimism: New Orleans made its mark on history long ago September 1, 2005
The jagged edges of Broken Flowers: Deadpan can only go so far before it's dead boring August 30, 2005
Ontarians will be eloquent victims August 27, 2005
Bebop's hidden history revealed: New disc like winning the lottery without a ticket August 23, 2005
From mass murder to barroom kitsch August 20, 2005
Imperfect Molnar is better than none: Celebrating Hungary's most famous 'clever young scoundrel' August 16, 2005
Multiculturalism's eloquent enemy August 15, 2005
Academics are asking the wrong questions August 13, 2005
The Jung offenders: Psychoanalyst's descendants sully his reputation by trying to control it August 9, 2005
Wahhabism chills the blood August 6, 2005
It's all in the beginning: Oft-quoted - rarely in context - great opening lines in literature August 2, 2005
Moderate Islam's awakening July 30, 2005
All that is left behind: Thankfully, some of Andy Goldsworthy's work doesn't melt, decay or wash away July 26, 2005
Libel tourism goes to London July 23, 2005
The death wish of cinema: Who's to blame for Hollywood's box-office blues? July 19, 2005
Islamophobia isn't the problem July 16, 2005
The science we're digging: It's a golden age for archaeology July 12, 2005
Tales he never told July 9, 2005
Elmasry's fantasy outrage July 8, 2005
Is Laurie the cure for what ails TV?: House's ornery doctor may be the best medicine for a tired medium July 5, 2005
Origins of cottage country: Loved by a biographer -- and few others July 2, 2005
Seeing minimalists in a maximal space: An innovative gallery celebrates two years in upstate New York June 28, 2005
Caravan's meltdown June 25, 2005
A 'parody of talent': A new book posits that Saul Steinberg did for art what James Joyce did for literature June 21, 2005
The miracle of human trust June 18, 2005
The secret life of the octothorpe: No one really knows how the word for this familiar symbol came to exist -- which is what makes its story so fascinating June 14, 2005
For the glory of France June 11, 2005
A return to form: The Best of Youth recalls Italian cinema's glory days June 7, 2005
How the Auschwitz Trial failed June 4, 2005
Keeping history in the family: A biographer's worst enemies are the subject's heirs May 31, 2005
All the news fit to ... bury: The Times' blind eye to the Holocaust May 28, 2005
Build a literary legacy for yourself: Smart aspiring writers have their archives ready May 24, 2005
The party that can accommodate everyone May 21, 2005
Trying to find the real Lady Day: Those who try to tell Billie Holiday's story often discover an unknowable life May 17, 2005
Canada's handout culture: Gay and not so proud: Noriega of the north May 14, 2005
Stop the treadmill, I want to get off: Live cable news has become an art form in its extremes May 10, 2005
Mau is less May 7, 2005
Man of records: Freakonomics author's statistical microscope reveals a life less ordinary May 3, 2005
Whatever it takes to win April 30, 2005
Buying bliss for a buck or two: Dollar stores have become a welcome feature of our retail landscape April 26, 2005
Questions the Prime Minister wouldn't answer April 25, 2005
Surprised by happiness: Why are the middle-aged happier than the young? April 23, 2005
A vision? Yeah, it's around here somewhere... April 20, 2005
The life and lies of Charles Ponzi: New addition to the con-man canon suggests an honest man can't be grifted April 19, 2005
The last amusing Frenchman April 16, 2005
The mind of the self-mad man: Writer James Atlas flaunts his failure like a badge of honour April 12, 2005
Preaching to the Guardian's converted April 9, 2005
The great unread: Many have bought these books, but has anyone ever finished them? April 5, 2005
The foxes dine out in Geneva April 2, 2005
Ignorance's colourful bloom March 26, 2005
The Georgia of good and evil: Miss Savannah murder trial reveals much about this Southern society March 22, 2005
This President deserves credit March 19, 2005
The triumph of The Gates: Christo's project had a social impact that was deeply felt March 8, 2005
Pearson was a leader March 5, 2005
Hey, aren't you that guy from that movie?: Memorable, awkward moments among the Slightly Known March 1, 2005
Summers performs the loyalty dance February 26, 2005
Stiff prose of an anxious era February 19, 2005
Krazy Kat at last joins the kanon: Those who decried comic strips were on the wrong side of history February 15, 2005
Seeing a cult through a child's eyes February 12, 2005
The perfect end: Fiction and cinema's most memorable finales are inevitably surprising February 8, 2005
Canada's Muslim refusenik February 5, 2005
The house that built literature: The walls of a famed Brooklyn artists' residence are talking February 1, 2005
An enemy of principles January 29, 2005
Stars playing stars: To succeed, these performances should go beyond imitation January 25, 2005
There's no right to know in China January 22, 2005
Speech among history's best January 21, 2005
Engaged to the horrors of war: Jean-Pierre Jeunet brings the trenches into full focus January 18, 2005
Dan Rather got away with it again January 15, 2005
The checkered career of the adjective: Much-maligned part of speech has a place in literature January 11, 2005
Utopian ends, murderous means January 8, 2005
A most unique criticism: Gary Giddins came to jazz like a sinner comes to Jesus January 4, 2005
A key moment for the West January 3, 2005
William Safire has defied his critics December 31, 2004
2004: Voters made their beds December 31, 2004
Tell us another one: Prognosticators are an endless source of innocent amusement December 28, 2004
Boring is natural for Paul Martin December 24, 2004
He made the good book better: How Northrop Frye examined the Bible without excess piety December 21, 2004
This was not just another British farce December 18, 2004
How liberalism became a dirty word December 11, 2004
Myth and Kinsey: His image as pure scientist was no more than a self-serving illusion December 7, 2004
Striking journalistic gold, again and again December 4, 2004
Japan is his oyster: Decades in Tokyo made Donald Richie the writer he is today November 30, 2004
Leftists have sided with radical Islam November 27, 2004
Architect of his own great rise: Daniel Libeskind's chatty memoir details frustrations and triumphs November 23, 2004
It was Germany's Third Reich November 20, 2004
Great lyricist, mean drunk: Johnny Mercer's tangled story is still being told November 16, 2004
Written in haste, edited in panic November 13, 2004
Now that's rich: Jewison puts himself 'on the side of the working stiff' November 9, 2004
Simplicity over sophistication November 6, 2004
Unwinding the Da Vinci code: What has kept the CBC's crime drama so good for so long November 2, 2004
John Kerry's post-modern patron October 30, 2004
The con men of Liebling: New book reprises journalist's favourite stories of rogues and flim-flam artists October 26, 2004
A paean to Pablum and peacekeeping October 23, 2004
Amos Oz's nocturnal Israel October 16, 2004
There's no place like this home: John Massey turns photo-chicanery into art form October 12, 2004
Entrenching human misery October 9, 2004
Praise unworthy: Critics create bloated reputations by pouring on the adulation October 5, 2004
Festival honours medium messiah: Marshall McLuhan's message lives on October 2, 2004
A genteel display of confidence October 2, 2004
There are too second acts: Philip Roth proves F. Scott Fitzgerald's maxim wrong September 28, 2004
Too much politeness, too little candour September 25, 2004
Leonard Cohen at 70: He's a bohemian with the courtly manners of a gentleman on day parole from the 18th century, but he's also a provocateur September 21, 2004
How Vietnam became the new Iraq September 18, 2004
Wisdom in a nutshell?: Collected proverbs don't treat women kindly September 14, 2004
Medicare is not carved in stone September 11, 2004
A rare glimpse at Canadian Stalinism September 11, 2004
The finest whiner: Screenwriter Frederic Raphael's journals are a study in disillusionment September 7, 2004
Everything is sacred: In martial-arts films such as Hero, ritual finds its place again August 31, 2004
A political convention that mattered August 28, 2004
From pen to paper: A famous killer's letter to The Times Literary Supplement is causing quite a stir August 24, 2004
Milosz did not see himself as a prophet August 21, 2004
Her perfect bombshell: Author Anita Loos' Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was a brunette's revenge August 17, 2004
The problem with Jane Doe August 14, 2004
More than a dash of Europe: Soulpepper expertly brings the Continent's great plays to Canada August 10, 2004
A bad idea, badly executed August 7, 2004
How the Jews defined America: Broadway's golden years helped make us all a little Hebrew August 3, 2004
Fake patients in need of real help July 31, 2004
Preaching what he practised: Baldwin got his start with the King James Bible, but his voice was his own July 27, 2004
What does it mean to be a 'liberal'? July 24, 2004
Is the ballot box now passe? July 17, 2004
The problem with leniency: Reviewers need to take a stand and save the praise for the truly deserving July 13, 2004
Tracing the origins of Kabbalah Chic July 10, 2004
Sitting in God's chair: Immortalized in On the Road, George Shearing bebops to own tune July 6, 2004
AA's secret formula -- kinship in suffering July 3, 2004
A Law & Order unto himself: Vincent D'Onofrio has turned Criminal Intent into his star vehicle June 29, 2004
Power has made Liberals a little crazy June 26, 2004
How will his legacy read?: Yiddish author Isaac Bashevis Singer remains a figure of controversy June 22, 2004
Rehabilitating an ancient vice June 19, 2004
Canadian public life at its worst June 18, 2004
The fall of the mall: We are still shopping, but the citadels of retail are fast becoming irrelevant June 15, 2004
Whistler's lawsuit: A moment on the lips, an eternity in art history June 14, 2004
First impressions count June 14, 2004
A year of high passion, swiftly extinguished June 12, 2004
Inside the writer's studio: Diana Fuss's book looks at where the work gets done June 8, 2004
The Kennedy myth - and why we believed it June 5, 2004
The apprenticeship of David Bezmozgis: Author wants people to visit Bathurst and Finch the way he made a pilgrimage to St. Urbain Street June 1, 2004
Repent! The age of contrition is upon us May 29, 2004
Look back in laughter: Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis's first Angry Young Man book, turns 50 May 25, 2004
A candidate of breathtaking banality May 22, 2004
Where you least expect them: Contact festival puts odd photos in unusual places May 18, 2004
Stalin: up close and personal May 15, 2004
Did he fall or did he jump?: Dwight Macdonald walked the high wire of radical opinion May 11, 2004
My love affair with portraits May 8, 2004
'Objective' journalism? There's no such thing May 8, 2004
Brothers with movie cameras: Unremarkable Russian film tells remarkable stories May 4, 2004
The book that Jack wrote May 1, 2004
A waving sky of saffron April 27, 2004
Dennis Miller says what most of us think April 24, 2004
A life spent abroad: Mavis Gallant's relationship with Canada was once one of mutual neglect April 20, 2004
Churchill's lessons for the war on terror April 17, 2004
For he has sinned: Like all confessions, John Haslett Cuff's new film is part boast as well April 13, 2004
Bush's new basis for American idealism April 10, 2004
Playing radio roulette: You just never know where CBC Overnight will take you April 6, 2004
You can't have equality of racial outcomes April 3, 2004
All of them oddballs: Angus Calder sees the diversity of life March 30, 2004
Anti-Semitism can't be explained or cured March 27, 2004
The life and Times of Howell Raines March 26, 2004
Roget's: Useful, primo, superb...: So why the crusade against the lowly, lovely thesaurus? March 23, 2004
Being busy is not an 'insidious addiction' March 20, 2004
The real Richler: The Last Honest Man looks at the scores and how they were settled March 16, 2004
Outsourcing makes economic sense March 13, 2004
I want my BookTV: Canada has proved a round-the-clock literary channel can be done well March 9, 2004
The sound of moderate Islam's silence March 6, 2004
Eternal optimists: The Royal Ontario Museum's exhibition of Egyptian art reminds us of a civilization that believed you can take it with you March 2, 2004
Our windbag Vice-Regal February 28, 2004
Detective sob stories: Why are today's fictional sleuths so depressed? February 24, 2004
The Democrats' festival of hypocrisy: From first to last, Howard Dean was insufferable February 21, 2004
The man who built a mystery: Son of master architect Louis Kahn documents the life, career of his father February 17, 2004
It's bigger than a gang of crooks February 14, 2004
The source of Gould's genius?: Great musician may have suffered from Asperger's February 10, 2004
There is danger in numbers February 7, 2004
The thing becomes an idea: The Rosetta Stone represents the expansion of knowledge February 3, 2004
When Palestinians become oppressors February 2, 2004
Honderich was Star-crossed January 31, 2004
The proud display of imagination: When it comes to shaping our world, designers know less is not more January 27, 2004
I cannot turn away from Michael Jackson January 24, 2004
New PM, same old Liberal arrogance January 22, 2004
The Vegas vision: Architects have learned a lot from this garage sale of cultural history January 20, 2004
The king of Bibles: The King James is a monumental achievement with a mysterious genesis January 13, 2004
"Gentrification" January 10, 2004
HA! A Self-Murder Mystery and the suicide of Hubert Aquin January 6, 2004
Communism's true believers won't give up January 3, 2004
Two neighbours, growing apart December 27, 2003
Here, you are what you eat: At the Mondragon, the food comes with a little politics on the side December 23, 2003
Mixing races, distilling hypocrisy December 20, 2003
Romancing the Stone City: New York's superb Petra exhibition reminds us we are living in one of the great ages of archeology December 16, 2003
Imagine a campaign for world democracy December 13, 2003
Giddy over Montreal: Maisonneuve's editorial buoyancy sets it apart from other new magazines December 9, 2003
A cold warrior who knew how to hunt bear December 6, 2003
Suicide bombers aim at democracies December 6, 2003
Hugh's world view: Literary critic Kenner saw a lifelong partnership between humanities and science December 2, 2003
Schadenfreude: one of life's guilty pleasures November 29, 2003
Duranty was Stalin's spin doctor November 25, 2003
Keep Kofi away from the Internet November 22, 2003
Reviving the old one-man spy game: War on terrorism can't be fought with modern intelligence, historian writes November 18, 2003
Flames grow hot but he stays cool: A tad late for lunch, Black says, 'I had to stamp out some fires' November 18, 2003
He is the very model of a modern Canadian Liberal November 15, 2003
Economic failure is the problem for most Arabs November 15, 2003
The seeds of prize writing: Alice Munro reveals inspiration for her Giller-winning story November 11, 2003
The end marred by betrayal, bitterness November 8, 2003
Anne of Green Gables goes to court November 8, 2003
Leaving one life behind: The Human Stain reveals the courage and cruelty of self-transformation November 4, 2003
Upwardly mobile phone jockey... or 'cyber-coolie'? November 1, 2003
The private lives of spies: TV series MI-5 shows operatives with domestic issues October 28, 2003
Is Harris the hero conservatives need? October 25, 2003
Godard in waiting: The filmmaker's early genius needs only to be discovered by a new generation October 21, 2003
The undefinable Dalton Camp October 18, 2003
A Swede I have to read: Henning Mankell's crime novels are my newest addiction October 14, 2003
Education is the way to freedom October 11, 2003
Words for a young century: Did we start speaking differently in 2000 or is that my bad? October 7, 2003
Whatever the soil, democracy will sprout October 4, 2003
A flawed but hopeful start: The Walrus has yet to find its true self, but it took a while for The New Yorker, too September 30, 2003
These days, no news can ever be good news September 27, 2003
The joke's on them: Why can't the protagonists of Lost in Translation see what's around them? September 23, 2003
Bashing the U.S. makes us feel good all over September 20, 2003
The pen is nastier than the sword: The rogue reporter has always suited Hollywood's needs September 16, 2003
Art Deco's glamour: Art Deco borrowed from the style of machines. The Deco artists loved surfaces that glittered, surfaces of glass, silver, steel, lacquer, then chromium and Bakelite September 13, 2003
Yasir Arafat and the politics of denial September 13, 2003
This war did not begin in 2001: And it is not over just because we haven't been hit again September 11, 2003
Turning the absurd into an art form: Canada's National Gallery has a history filled with bizarre decisions September 9, 2003
Words have failed the Democrats September 6, 2003
What about me?: Two authors under one roof almost invariably creates professional envy September 2, 2003
Canadian profs were braver before tenure August 30, 2003
Finally, it's chic to have the blues: Film based on life of Harvey Pekar sparks new interest in mental health August 26, 2003
Computer vandals are rotten little kids August 25, 2003
Dimitrov's odd habit: keeping a diary August 23, 2003
When hacks attract: Serious artists are drawn to tales of mercenary scribes August 19, 2003
Amidst the darkness, self-congratulation August 18, 2003
Simpson is Canada's hard-line moderate August 16, 2003
When dialogue is the best form of rebellion: Azar Nafisi reveals the decadence of studying literature in Tehran August 12, 2003
The liberal media: a study in groupthink August 9, 2003
His own worst critic: Saviour of London theatre was as self-destructive as he was brilliant August 5, 2003
The man who industrialized comedy August 2, 2003
Yakuza's decline is a crime: Japanese mafia has seen better days, say oldsters July 29, 2003
Idi Amin's crimes can't be counted July 26, 2003
This lady spells trouble: Why the story of the evil temptress is endlessly renewable July 22, 2003
In praise of uni-tasking July 19, 2003
They should know better: Humanities scholars spend lots of time reading, so why can't they write? July 15, 2003
'Human rights' -- Saudi-style July 12, 2003
This news anchor's timing is awful July 10, 2003
Citizen of the Middle East: Writer Sami Michael is Jewish, speaks Arabic and is both Iraqi and Israeli July 8, 2003
In the Middle East, black means white July 5, 2003
Vigilance at the border and beyond July 4, 2003
Hamas will now set the agenda July 3, 2003
The road map reads like a necessary lie June 28, 2003
Art that demands and rewards: Stretch presents conceptual and minimalist works that mean something June 24, 2003
Marriage marks the end of a gay era June 21, 2003
The true scam artists: Literary swindlers and their bogus works are a source of endless fascination June 17, 2003
Leave Ahenakew to his obscurity June 14, 2003
Drama worth catching: Train 48, with its storytelling on the fly, quickly captures the imagination June 10, 2003
Something in a Canadian loves a loser June 7, 2003
The Times pays for its hubris June 6, 2003
Ernest goes to Toronto: Hemingway's almost farcical affair with the city is fodder for a new comic novel June 3, 2003
Whatever happened to the paperless office? May 31, 2003
From Russia, with stories: David Bezmozgis captures the essence of immigrant life in his new fiction May 27, 2003
The many breeds of liar May 24, 2003
Ticked off by tick tock talk: We spend our time until there's none left, then say we're working too hard May 20, 2003
A partisan account of a shallow man May 17, 2003
What is real country music?: It's often whatever the latest musical generation says it is May 13, 2003
New York Times was too good to be true May 13, 2003
McCarthy's witch hunt made the world safe for witches May 10, 2003
Seeing our city anew: More than 160 exhibitions can be found in the Contact festival, often in fascinating, out-of-the-way places May 10, 2003
We suffer for their art: Avant-garde theatre can be cruel to audiences, but it's also irresistible May 6, 2003
A 'road map' drawn by fantasists May 3, 2003
Born to be old: Nick Nolte played washed-up types in his 30s, and he keeps getting bett April 29, 2003
Garrison Keillor & the Rhode Island fire March 3, 2003
Israel's best minds have lost faith in the possibility of peace July 15, 2002
Biographies offer a fresh view of philosophers June 8, 2002
Selkirk's Island & the real Robinson Crusoe June 4, 2002
Clashing ambitions: Jean Chrétien v. Paul Martin June 3, 2002
Terrorism is Arafat's medium June 1, 2002
Metaphor as friend and enemy May 28, 2002
For Kundera, Paris is less unbearable than Prague May 25, 2002
The surrealist art exhibition Dreaming with Open Eyes May 21, 2002
Left or right? Voters aren't easily pigeon-holed May 18, 2002
Kieslowski's magnificent Decalogue May 14, 2002
Racism, censorship, and words that sting May 11, 2002
Toronto's Contact photography festival May 9, 2002
Male crying: now it's mandatory May 7, 2002
An Imam dares to say what Islam should be May 4, 2002
The UN should probe the suicide bomber cult April 27, 2002
Suffering those who say "suffer fools gladly" April 23, 2002
The Aspers, the editors, and the Globe 53 April 22, 2002
Tragedy may have ended the gender battle April 20, 2002
The Wall Street Journal redesigns itself April 20, 2002
Coast to Coast with Art Bell April 16, 2002
David Brock, serial confessor April 13, 2002
Trollope's The Way We Live Now April 9, 2002
Bin Laden's Islamism may be past its prime April 6, 2002
The CBC miniseries Trudeau April 2, 2002
Billy Wilder's acerbic style made him a giant March 29, 2002
Sept. 11: nobody knows who let it happen March 23, 2002
The 2002 Canadian Alliance leadership convention March 21, 2002
The essential art of the book indexer March 19, 2002
Canada must take sides in the Mideast March 16, 2002
Plagiarism: do students learn it from their teachers? March 9, 2002
A wealth of Warhol at London's Tate Modern March 5, 2002
Geezer talk about Golden Ages that never were February 19, 2002
Our strange obsession with party politics February 16, 2002
Ken Thomson's strange, lonely gallery in downtown Toronto February 12, 2002
In the Bedroom: a movie obsessed with revenge February 9, 2002
Can Garrison Keillor make Lutherans funny? February 5, 2002
Frantz Fanon: a poisonous thinker who refuses to die February 2, 2002
Gzowski: he had the courage to be scared January 25, 2002
Arts & Letters Daily January 22, 2002
Secularism and the archbishop January 19, 2002
Pound, Popper, Beckett & Erikson: chance encounters January 15, 2002
"Junk English" January 12, 2002
People on People: Oxford's Biographical Quotations January 8, 2002
Drawing the line between party gossip and hate January 5, 2002
The Winnipeg view of art in Border Crossings December 31, 2001
Why deny the obvious? West is best December 29, 2001
A culture drowning in nostalgia December 24, 2001
The Massey Report: did it send us the wrong way? December 22, 2001
Long-take classics from Welles, Scorsese & co December 18, 2001
What's a national poet? Think of Milosz or Amichai December 15, 2001
Janet Malcolm and the essence of Chekhov December 11, 2001
The perverse logic of suicide terrorism December 8, 2001
In the age of museum building December 4, 2001
Sheila Copps & the marketing of culture December 1, 2001
The contentious career of Dwight Macdonald November 27, 2001
Chaos v. civilization? We're neutral November 24, 2001
David Mamet's films November 20, 2001
Unbearable niceness from the misanthropic V.S. Naipaul November 17, 2001
The agony and the ecstasy of a Giller juror November 13, 2001
The strange popularity of the word "closure" November 10, 2001
The Battle for God November 6, 2001
Doug Collins & Allan Fotheringham November 3, 2001
The diaries of Northrop Frye October 30, 2001
Prince Hal camped on the Potomac October 27, 2001
Stanley Spencer October 23, 2001
New York's defiant life, and its memento mori October 20, 2001
Rage, pathos and theological spin October 13, 2001
A war between civilizations October 9, 2001
From delusions to destruction October 6, 2001
William Weintraub October 2, 2001
Don't buff the sharp edges off Islam September 29, 2001
Robert Hunter September 25, 2001
Toronto's waterfront September 22, 2001
Anti-American cant a self-inflicted wound September 22, 2001
'Pure rascality' has lost its shine September 18, 2001
U.S. bashing no longer a game September 14, 2001
The beginning of a dark new era September 12, 2001
Gary Condit September 11, 2001
Language censorship September 4, 2001
Mendacious litigation August 28, 2001
Yasukuni shrine August 21, 2001
Dinosaur discoveries August 14, 2001
Falstaff August 7, 2001
The CRTC August 4, 2001
William Smith July 31, 2001
Planet of the Apes July 26, 2001
Euphemisms July 24, 2001
Objectivity in journalism July 23, 2001
Truly legendary director Allen Smithee July 17, 2001
Toronto City Hall houses China's lies July 12, 2001
Mike Harris and the arts July 10, 2001
Toronto's Olympic bid July 7, 2001
Mordecai Richler: an obituary tribute July 4, 2001
David Riesman's The Lonely Crowd July 3, 2001
Vietnam War resisters in Canada June 26, 2001
ideaCity, part 3 June 23, 2001
ideaCity, part 2 June 22, 2001
ideaCity, part 1 June 21, 2001
Junichiro Koizumi and Japanese individualism June 19, 2001
OCAP and The Toronto Star June 18, 2001
David Manning, imaginary film critic June 12, 2001
The international success of Canadian literature June 6, 2001
The many names of @ June 5, 2001
Canadian creativity May 30, 2001
Charles Ritchie May 29, 2001
The history of @ May 22, 2001
Anthony van Dyck in Toronto May 15, 2001
Fraudulent movie endings May 8, 2001
After Darwin May 3, 2001
The Raymond Chandler papers May 1, 2001
Lying in our time April 24, 2001
My life as a highschool dropout April 18, 2001
The Canadian Forum: alive or dead? April 17, 2001
Philosopher Ted Honderich tells his story April 10, 2001
Edward Said April 3, 2001
Chatelaine magazine March 27, 2001
The great Rahim Jaffer phone-in hoax March 21, 2001
I.B.Singer's More Stories from My Father's Court March 20, 2001
Niall Ferguson, Part 3 March 16, 2001
Niall Ferguson, Part 2 March 15, 2001
Niall Ferguson, Part 1 March 14, 2001
Bruce Mau: a critical view of Life Style March 13, 2001
Greg Curnoe March 6, 2001
The bizarre poetry of random encounters February 27, 2001
DVDs February 20, 2001
Sanxingdui: ancient Sichuan revealed February 13, 2001
The history of common objects February 6, 2001
David Irving: the libel trial re-examined January 30, 2001
Dylan Thomas: The Collected Letters January 27, 2001
Marguerite Duras & Robert Brasillach January 23, 2001
Canada: A People's History on CBC-TV January 16, 2001
The Nobel Prize January 9, 2001
V.S. Naipaul & Diana Athill January 2, 2001
Peter Robinson's Yorkshire thrillers December 26, 2000
The Royal Ontario Museum's South Asian Gallery December 19, 2000
James Atlas & Saul Bellow December 12, 2000
The erotic art of Pompeii December 5, 2000
Felipe Fernández-Armesto's Civilizations November 21, 2000
The language of Canadian politics November 14, 2000
Björk & Lars von Trier November 7, 2000
A self-portrait by Alex Colville October 31, 2000
How Bill Clinton changed political movies October 28, 2000
Stanley Edgar Hyman & The Tangled Bank October 24, 2000
Bellow: the novelist as homespun philosopher October 23, 2000
The Dreyfus case exhibited October 17, 2000
Lunch with Jan Wong October 14, 2000
Typing: A Life in 26 Keys by Matt Cohen October 10, 2000
John Grierson and the documentary October 3, 2000
The Trudeau record September 29, 2000
Bruce McCall September 26, 2000
Elmore Leonard, the Shakespeare of scam September 23, 2000
William Ronald and John Meredith September 19, 2000
The Nihilist Spasm Band September 12, 2000
Claude Bissell September 5, 2000
Ben Katchor August 29, 2000
Toronto & Margaret Atwood August 24, 2000
Ben Webster August 22, 2000
The Investigator & CBC radio drama August 15, 2000
Conrad Black & Canadian newspapers August 10, 2000
Conceptual art August 8, 2000
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web August 1, 2000
The turmoil over Chapters book chain July 29, 2000
Hegel: A Biography, by Terry Pinkard July 29, 2000
The Concorde crash July 26, 2000
Centenarian Studies July 25, 2000
Ed Mirvish, Toronto town planner July 19, 2000
Gossip & the NY intellectuals July 18, 2000
Two Lionel Trilling books July 15, 2000
Big Brother July 11, 2000
Philip Roth, The Gift of Fear, and wife-killers July 4, 2000
A new bookstore in midtown Toronto July 1, 2000
The future of McClelland & Stewart June 27, 2000
Canadian Alliance: desperately seeking mediocrity June 26, 2000
Search engines June 20, 2000
HerbertWhittaker June 13, 2000
TEDCity: technology, emotion, drama June 10, 2000
Spirit of McLuhan looks over TEDCity June 8, 2000
TEDCity conference mixes brains, ingenuity June 7, 2000
Candidates for Alliance leadership decline to lead June 7, 2000
Robert Alter & the story of King David June 6, 2000
Eulogy for Sandra Gwyn May 31, 2000
Terry Southern May 30, 2000
Marcus Aurelius and Commodus May 23, 2000
Trust the art, not the artist May 16, 2000
Battlefield Earth May 9, 2000
The Concourse: Art Deco worth saving May 8, 2000
Oxford and Cambridge dons May 2, 2000
Toronto culture's sad lack of leaders April 29, 2000
The CIA's covert cultural sponsorship April 25, 2000
David Irving and Holocaust denial April 18, 2000
Middle age April 11, 2000
Urban and suburban real estate April 5, 2000
Jim Jarmusch April 4, 2000
The Nature of Economies by Jane Jacobs March 28, 2000
Charles Fort March 21, 2000
Nabokov's Pale Fire: The Magic of Artistic Discovery March 14, 2000
Study groups March 7, 2000
John Steinbeck and Monterey, California February 29, 2000
Richard Saul Wurman February 26, 2000
TED (the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference) February 25, 2000
American Beauty February 22, 2000
Lies on television February 18, 2000
The West Wing February 15, 2000
Love Story February 14, 2000
The First World War (response to commentary) February 14, 2000
The First World War February 8, 2000
Urban legends February 1, 2000
E-mail January 25, 2000
The Black Book of Communism January 18, 2000
NYPD Blue's Andy Sipowicz January 11, 2000
Claude Jutra January 4, 2000
Islam's lost empire December 28, 1999
Pope John Paul II December 21, 1999
Murray Frum's African art collection December 14, 1999
Modris Eksteins December 7, 1999

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