Selected National Post Columns from 2015

Robert Fulford has been a columnist for the National Post since 1999.
His most recent columns are available on the National Post website.

Nourishing displays on screen; Three actors who gave us privilege of watching them this year 30 December 2015
More than mere apologetics; How C.S. Lewis made Christianity seem like common sense 22 December 2015
Country for sale; Canadian Pacific 15 December 2015
Blame the West 12 December 2015
'A chronic nomad'; Joseph Roth 8 December 2015
The myth of the Hollywood Ten 5 December 2015
Stop all the clocks; How W.H. Auden wrote prose to earn a living, and poetry to live his life 1 December 2015
Happiness is a vague study 28 November 2015
Dr. Clemens & Mr. Twain; The autobiography of America's greatest humorist is more for reference than reading 24 November 2015
ISIL's aims and appeals 21 November 2015
The reluctant immigrant; Brooklyn 17 November 2015
Britain's choice 14 November 2015
It's been surreal; Finding a new perspective on a modern art movement that's too often dismissed 10 November 2015
The Facebook Intifada 7 November 2015
A gift to behold; J.M.W. Turner 3 November 2015
Overcoming humanity; Primo Levi's achievement 27 October 2015
The media push the message; And the message is violence 24 October 2015
A woman for all seasons; Patti Smith's absorbing and personal M Train 20 October 2015
Not as fragile as we thought 17 October 2015
The romantic tradition of Esquire; 1,000 issues 13 October 2015
Turkey vs. Journalism 10 October 2015
To blurb or not to blurb; A community divided 6 October 2015
The destroyers of history 3 October 2015
Legal eagles; How the BBC's Silk became a highlight of recent TV history 29 September 2015
The recipe for genocide 26 September 2015
Historic passion; A much-admired historian takes as much interest in sources as the stories she shares 22 September 2015
Republicans vs. Republicans 19 September 2015
Literary absurdity; The work of Edward St. Aubyn 15 September 2015
Cultural madman; For Richard B. Wright, writing didn't get easier, it got better 8 September 2015
Fiscal fever 5 September 2015
Disney furled; 'No praise unspoken' 1 September 2015
An evil we have not yet begun to comprehend 29 August 2015
Put the 'kibosh' on 'looky-loo'; In order for language to live, some words have to die, and that's OK 25 August 2015
Rodin love; Exhibition reveals new side of artist 18 August 2015
The replacements; Art forger earned $6 million over two years 11 August 2015
Angry Tom's soothing bromides 8 August 2015
Life during death; The last words of Clive James keep lasting 4 August 2015
Target: Jordan 1 August 2015
Point form; The original pixel inventor gets his due praise 28 July 2015
The conversation that started the Cold War 25 July 2015
A life well-lived; The uniqueness of Oliver Sacks 21 July 2015

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