Toronto Discovered
by Robert Fulford (1998)


Toronto is a tantalizing puzzle of a city, continually delighting visitors and locals alike. In Toronto Discovered, Robert Fulford and a team of photographers take readers on a fascinating journey that reveals the city's vibrant and ever-changing character.

-- Slinger, Toronto Star

"Toronto Discovered is a coffee-table book that happily combines the virtues of high-quality photography with the colourful insights of one of Canada's most-respected and prolific journalists....

"Fulford reintroduces us to the delights of a city that was once 'the Plain Jane of North American municipalities' and has, almost before we knew it, 'developed into a dense collection of urban mysteries, where buried rivers and a maze of tunnels beneath the downtown skyscrapers...await discovery by devout pilgrims.'....

"Accompanied by more than 100 handsome, full-colour images...Fulford's romp through Toronto is a delight."

-- Laszlo Buhasz, The Globe and Mail travel section

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